Tapas are the small snacks which offer as a starter or accompaniment with drinks. The idea of tapas is that the food consists of small mouth pieces, which can also be eaten by hand. Tapas can also be the main food for the event.

Fish Tapas

Smokedfish Mousse Tart
Salmon smushi
Cold smoked salmontoast
Crispy ryebread-Salmon fancy cake
Toast Skagen
Prawn rye crisps

Meat Tapas

Cold smoked reindeer lingonberry-ryebread
Mini Blini with smoked reindeercremé
Roastbeef Flatbread roll
Roastbeef Wrap
Beeftoast and smoked mayones
Bacon mushroomtoast
Yakitori Chicken skewer

Vegetarian Tapas

Forest mushroomtoast
Vegetarian Puff
Samosa vegetable gratin
Vegetarian Roll
Goat cheese tomatocrostini

Dessert Tapas

Mini Cheesecake
Classic cream Petit Choux
Glutein free Petit Choux
Latte Machiato Petit Choux
Caramel Petit Choux
French Macarons
Mini mud cake