An enjoyable meeting room

What if you came to Peuhu to have an ordinary meeting? The Peuhu mansion and other buildings offer the ideal premises in which to have a meeting. We can also arrange perky WHP events.

All our premises are AV-equipped. The largest room in the upstairs of the mansion accommodates up to 150 meeting guests. It has audio devices and three multimedia projectors, which guarantees good visibility for each participant.

For smaller meetings we have an outbuilding for 15 to 30 people, which has its own sauna and a lobby with a fireplace. Another option is to use the beach sauna, which has a lobby big enough for 15 people.

Meetings can be tailor-made to suit your needs, and can include breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee, and dinner or even fish blazing at the grill hut. We can also arrange different activities during the day and the evening. When needed, the saunas and the hot tubs will be warmed for you to coincide with the end of your meeting, and we can also arrange transportation for you.

Good decisions are made in the spirit of Peuhu