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One element of successful co-existence is a delicious and appropriate menu. Below you can see ready menus, all of the list menus are customizable for the occasion. If you do not find the right set in the finished menu, you can also ask for a quote on your own menu or our designed menu. Check out our menu options below.
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We recommend that you make your order orders 7 days in advance.

Legend of the signs: M = Non-milk / L = Lactose free / G = Gluten-free



Menu 1

Salmon- or meat soup / L, G (meat soup = M)
Slices of ham / pastrami
Slice of cheese
Rieska, rye bread and spread.

Menu 2

Rucola green salad with salad dressing / M, G
Chicken Mandarin Salad and Hoisin Mayonnaise / M, G
Lens Feta-cheese salad / M, G
Cold-smoked salmon and dillmousse / L, G

Roast Beef With Pepper Sauce / L, G
Potato gratin
Oven baked Root vegetables
Rieska, rye bread and spread.

Menu 3

Rucola green salad with salad dressing / M, G
Warm smoked salmon and remoulade sauce / M, G
Finnish squeaky cheese and melon salad / L, G
Quinoa chicken salad and mint sauce / L, G

Overcooked beef brisket in red wine sauce / M, G
* Chevre-pesto is served separately.
Oven baked root vegetables
Creamy potatoes (L)
Rieska, rye bread and spread.

Menu 4

Green salad and salad dressing / M, G
Smoked salmon and the dillpesto potatosalad / M, G
Feta-cheese citrussalad and lemon vinaegrette / L, G

Beef fillet gratinated with herbs / M, G
Shallot-red wine sauce
Creamy potatoes (L)
Oven baked root vegetables
Rieska, rye bread and spread.

Menu 5

Asparagus greensalad and salad dressing / M, G
Chicken Salsa Salad / M, G
Baguette and spread.

The main course can be selected from the options below :
1. Grilled salmon and salsa Verde sauce / M, G
* Salsa Verde sauce is served separately.
2. Pepper steak 200g / L, G
* Beef sirloin steak.
3. Pepper steak 200g / L, G
* Beef fillet steak.

4. Fillet of lamp and Rosemary Sauce / M, G
* Whole baked sheep’s sirloin.
5. Karhuntassu pihvi / L, G
* Smoked cheese and -reindeer stuffed beef sirloin steak.
6. Caramelized pork. / M, G
7. Grilled chicken and pepper sauce / L, G
Creamy Potatoes (L), Blue cheese Potatoes (L), Garlic Potatoes (L),
Wedge potatoes, Parmesan potato cake and Bacon potato muffins.
All menu 5 servings include Oven baked root vegetables.

Menu 6

Green salad and salad dressing / M, G
Cajun-coleslaw / M, G
Caesar Pasta Salad / L

Grilled ribs and the house barbeque sauce / L, G
Mediterranean raw sausage and bratwurst / M, G
Sweet chili pepper sauce
Country style wedge potatoes
Baguette and spread.

Menu 7

Wheat tortilla 3 pieces / person

The cold side dishes
Iceberg lettuce, tomato, cucumber and green olives.
nachos, melon, red onion, jalopeno and pineapple.

Cheddar sauce
Grilled bell peppers and onions
Grilled beef
Grilled chicken breast

Cold sauces
Salsa sauce
Sour cream
Tex Mex salad dressing

Menu 8

Green salad and salad dressing / M, G
Chicken mango salad / M, G

Grilled Pork Fillet in Bourbon Sauce / M, G
Grilled chicken with garlic sauce / L, G
Country style wedge potatoes
Grill vegetables
Baguette and spread.

Menu 9

Greek salad / L, G
Guacamole cucumber tsatsiki / L, G

Lime Basil Chicken / L, G
Pilaf rice
Ratatouille vegetable stew
Baguette and spread.

Menu 10

Asparagus green salad and salad dressing / M, G
Cherry tomato and onion salad / M, G

Feta cheese gratinated salmon / L, G
Romesco sauce / M
* The Romesco sauce is served cold separately.
Potato wedges
Grilled vegetables
Baguette and fresh cheese spread.

Vegetarian Dishes

Portobello mushrooms stuffed with spinach rice / L, G
Quinoa and vegetable stuffings Peppers / L, G
Indian Vegetable Curry and Basmati Rice / L, G
Vegetarian temptation / L, G

Temptations menus

Mixed salad and salad dressing / M, G
Baquette and fresh cheese spread.

Ham temptation / L, G
Smoked reindeer and ham temptation / L, G
Game temptation / L, G
Cold smoked salmon temptation / L, G
Cold Smoked reindeer temptation / L, G
Lasagnette / L
Potatoe and sausage casserole / L, G
Chicken and pasta casserole / L


White chocolate licorice mousse
Capuccino fancy cake
Cheesecake and Rasberry salsa

Good Appetite!
Bon Apetit!


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