Peuhu Activities

We do all we can to ensure guests enjoy their stay with us. We have created, and will continue to create, many activities to cater for all types of people, whatever it is they’re looking for.

In everything it’s important to be pleasant and have fun, but most importantly to spend time outdoors as a team to enhance co-operation skills. The Peuhu premises offer a great place to forget about the everyday pace of life, with the sea, clean nature, a big yard and cozy indoor premises.

The ground floor of the mansion is equipped with everything you could need to entertain: a disco, karaoke, billiards, table-soccer and air hockey games. For gamers, we can project fun and exciting XBOX games to a big silver screen.

Upstairs offers premises and equipment for dancing and singing karaoke, which can be seen from three silver screens. For those who prefer sing-alongs we have song booklets and instrumental background music. Also, we are able to book performers on request.


The premises have a 9-hole Frisbee golf course and discs can be rented from the mansion. We can create many kinds of team and task courses (tracks).

Speedy Airsoft is also a part of our action-pack. We have the equipment and a big enough battlefield for up to 16 people.

Who can build the biggest tower of bottle crates while climbing on them? Well, you can find out here!

At the beach we have two volleyball pitches, where we can arrange a hilarious sheet-volley tournament, all year round.

In the courtyard

You can play different outdoor games, and even create your own Olympics!

By the sea

Here you can find excellent opportunities to try out different water sports, and in winter-time the ice is a great place to drive a motor sledge.

In the grill hut

You can work together to cook blazed fish and pancakes.

 Activities, sauna and good food.

Sauna evenings, recreation days, celebrations – Peuhu activities, soft sauna steams and a lovely hot tub, not to mention our delicious meals are the icing of all these cakes. Let’s plan an event to your taste that your whole party will enjoy.

Your only task is to enjoy and we’ll do all the work, working with our experienced partners.


Shows to parties

The Oulu based show agency offers a quality program for your event. The offerings include stand up comedians, improvisation theatre, bands, troubadours, DJ’s and MC’s.  There are also bigger assemblies, such as an 8-person show band, a full sized big band, and well as a brass band.

Find out more on our website, or ask for an offer for these talents straight from us.

Team-Training days

We launched the Enjoy Yourself In A Team service in spring 2015, and its purpose is to allow the professionals of show business to train other people using their unique skills. The aim is to offer an educational event with new ideas for working in communities and teams. It’s always easier to discuss heavy topics through humor and laughter. Oulu is a pilot town of Enjoy Yourself In A Team, and the offering contains five different training packages from three entertainment professionals.

Read more about the offering on our website, and arrange a memorable and fun team day in Peuhu.